One option includes items that ask the board to: Put Prince back to work; remove Superintendent Dexter Rutherford as her supervisor; pay her for her advanced degrees; and evaluate her annually. If that is not acceptable, the second option asks the board to place Prince on paid administrative leave until she is eligible to retire in less than five years. School board Chairman Gerry Moses and board attorney H.

Conveyancing Report

Jerome Thompson declined comment Wednesday. Both said that they cannot comment on possible or pending litigation. Prince has been at home since shortly after the board removed her from the Lawyers Conveyancing custodian of funds position. She still receives a paycheck and is officially employed as the accounting technical specialist at the custodian pay. Her attorneys said that her doctors have ordered her to remain at home. The doctors have said that her illness is a “direct result of the extremely hostile work environment.

According to the attorneys’ letter, Prince approached Rutherford about placing her on administrative leave. But she said that Rutherford would only support medical retirement. Her attorneys called it an attempt to force her to use her medical leave, and forfeit some, or all, of her retirement benefits. “I’ll lose about $350 a month for the rest of my life if I do that,” Prince said. She also said that it is unfair to force her to use her accumulated sick leave days for an illness that is the direct result of a hostile work environment. Her attorneys said she wants to return to work as soon as her doctors release her. “But they don’t want me to go into an unstructured environment,” Prince said.

The board reassigned Prince for what she now says was an alleged lack of financial information. The letter said that Rutherford would not place the eighth financial statement on the agenda. The letter also said that the board never evaluated Prince’s job performance, yet it removed her for inadequately performing.

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