The Design Bureau of Truro and the Cornwall CITB Construction Curriculum Centre, is to make children more aware of the everyday built environment around them. As well as prizes for the main competition, there are also special awards for the Best Work of Art and the Best Verse and Prose.  More Details: Enact Conveyancing Brisbane

Schools were asked to investigate different types of shelter, including shelter for animals, people and objects why they are necessary and how they are constructed. The wide ranging entries included a huge variety of excellent art, prose and verse, as well as small models, miraculously folded and stuck onto an A4 sheet, and some very humorous aspects of shelter. The standard of entry was again extremely high, according to the panel of judges which included Andrew Heason, Chairman elect of the Cornwall Branch of RIBA. We are delighted with the support we get from staff and the enthusiasm it engenders she added. The observation and understanding of the built environment around us is important and is well reflected in the children’s work and has certainly opened their eyes. Every school that entered was given the name of an architect, who offered to talk to the children and the teachers, enabling the school to study the topic in considerable depth. This was very much appreciated by the schools, and by the architects who enjoyed doing it.

These calls can cost between £3.50 – £15.00 each, of which approximately 75% goes directly to the companies behind the scratchcards and text messages. The ‘prize’ always sounds good, usually a holiday abroad or money off vouchers. The reality is that the winner is restricted by terms such having to travel alone, sharing their holiday accommodation with a stranger, or using the vouchers as only a small percentage towards a much more expensive purchase. Our Consumer Helpline has received hundreds of enquiries from consumers who have paid for an expensive telephone call only to receive a prize that is of no use to them whatsoever warned Kim Lewis-Williams from Trading Standards.

It is often this group who do not complain, feeling there is nothing that can be done. We have clients visiting the Bureau clasping a card that states they have won a major prize but knowing it is too good to be true. We have to work through the small print with them to enable them to make the reasoned decision not to ring the premium rate line.

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