The Treasury monitors progress on the productivity gap with data published by the Office for National Statistics on the International Comparisons of Productivity2 which are themselves based on OECD data. By furthering cross-departmental research to identify the causes of regional disparities and the most effective policy measures for reducing such disparities. In addition, a programme of research is being conducted to improve the evidence base on the six key drivers of regional economic performance – skills, investment, innovation, enterprise, competition and employment. Detailed info here: Enact Conveyancing Melbourne

Conclusions from the research are being discussed with all appropriate Government departments, as well as regional stakeholders, and are feeding into the 2004 Spending Review. This document also looked at the delivery challenges facing institutions and policy makers at the regional and local level and set out the next steps necessary to ensure that the regional and local institutional framework is focused on delivering enhanced economic outcomes in the English regions.

Christopher Allsopp’s independent review has made a number of institutional and technical recommendations to ensure that regional data meets the requirements of policy makers and the wider user community. By improving the transparency, accessibility and responsiveness of retail financial markets, especially in following up reviews such as that undertaken by Ron Sandler into savings markets and in on-going policy work. By achieving, with our European partners, the EU targets for the single market in financial services (2003 and 2005), and making progress in the WTO round towards more global open trade.

On Sandler we have issued a response to our consultation on product specifications; are also working on policy issues such as financial capability and the pensions protection fund; and have enhanced consumer protection and are streamlining regulation around mortgages and insurance. Continued to improve national and international systems for fighting financial crime; working closely with industry to ensure that effective and proportionate systems are in place. By working with the Department for Work and Pensions to develop cost effective policies to help people move from benefits into work, and to ensure that such welfare to work programmes are delivered in a cost effective manner. For the SR2000 SDA target, the performance indicator was the seasonally unadjusted ILO unemployment levels of working age people over 18 in Great Britain, with a judgement as to cyclical influences.

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