8but simple reading desire lines want to learn how to do iris actually the easiest thing in the world to do because what you’re doing is looking for the tracks that we leave behind u snow this has been done to great effect on things big and small-and desire lines that were leaving around us all the time I want you to think about a particular place a desire that we’ve talked a lot about today music castor mines.

back way back to ancient times oh why did AL when cheaply print of single page rand you could mail it to the door on your local church the dark side that by the way and we’re all familiar with that was a hundred years Ive rule religious war throughout Europe but on the plus side it change the way we look to the world but it certainly changed real estate before that there was no real estate business King.

own birthday you know the rest beside hot SIMĀ Brisbane Property Valuations cards right then we wanted to read books but in order to get the books you had to store them somewhere dry right so you had to have a dry place to put it so you had to create shops warehouse yet manufactured CA to create factories to manufacture the papering order to print it and you need to have stories you dad retail onto and behold needed have universities because people had to learn how to read no to read the things you had their see you created university towns or if you’re a town that mean you have to sell people stuff so you suddenly had a civilization made up towns not just dove.

Kings you had merchants you had buildings you what schools you had offices you had apartments you have real estate we were created by the printing press both of us live realistic been a funny thing happened back in the th century I know way back when someone said you know what I can help our spies get information across to each other and I can help our university researchers get some information backhand.

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