Over the past six months, TIES has faced considerable financial and organizational challenges. But we are now well on the way to recovering. This recovery would not have happened without the enormous efforts of Board Chair. This recovery would not have happened without the enormous efforts of Board Chair Keith Sproule, who, along with a dedicated Executive Committee (Karen Killebrew and Jeff Drew), and the resilient and dependable TIES staff in Vermont (Fergus Maclaren, Anjanette DeCarlo, and Jessica Staats) keep TIES functioning on a daily basis.

It has been gratifying, as well, to see a number of board and advisory members step up to the plate, offering financial assistance, time, and their expertise. This includes Stephanie Thullen, a Mexican by birth, and Neel Inamdar, a Kenyan who has been on TIES advisory board. They complement Fergus Maclaren, a Canadian who continues to be based in Vermont. TIES has been awarded a 2-year grant from the Ford Foundation to examine and explore ecotourism certification, in partnership with three other organizations.

TIES has launched an exciting new Earth Day raffle. All the prizes are for certified ecolodges, boats, and attractions in Costa Rica, Galapagos, Australia, Kenya, and Sweden. TIES received a grant from the Park Foundation to cover the cost of the move, and Costas Christ, Senior Director of Ecotourism at Conservation International, has provided funds to help underwrite the cost of this newsletter. TIE is pursuing new training opportunities. Most recently, TIES conducted a symposium at West Virginia University, arranged by board member Kelly Bricker. We are negotiating to resume our training courses in partnership with George Washington University. TIES is continuing to be active at international forums. We were highly visible at this year’s IATOS conference.

We are participating in variety of other events, including running workshops at the upcoming World Parks Congress in South Africa. We and our boards are undertaking a strategic review of TIES, which includes a questionnaire to all members. Let me say a word about our new collaboration with the Center on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development (CESD), with whom TIES is sharing an office and some staff. CESD, a joint program of the Institute for Policy (Continued from front) . . . Letter from the E. D. view more: Act Conveyancing Sydney

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