authored over space fortuitous hold our stuff and what happens when your stuff of its here people in their twenties are buying more than we did but they’re also buying less it all fits into one of these it’s amazing you know a lot of people I know that own and manage apartment buildings are amazed at how fast people in their twenties are moving when I was in my remember moving the amount a beer you.

have to give people one piece %uh just help you move all your crowded the move in an afternoon all my packed I guess I’m packed so these are going away they’re all fitting into this interesting things happening the average apartment floor plan this is what it look like five years ago here’s what the new ones are looking at now we’re taking about a hundred square feet space out a promise by the way this apartment.

rents for more money and it’s a much nicer place it just has less room West Cost Valuers for all that stuff and people are not buying on a per square foot basis notice I’m real sick I something & it square feet but the person buying it is buying beautiful bedroom an incredible living room and a very small kitchen because I don’t cook really and I don’t pay for but I do get an incredible lounge downstairs the new apartment buildings are being built by the way they’re nothing but Chicago because our economy is still recessed year but in Washington.

24DC where there’s lots to cover money these kinda buildings are going up party billing for young people and what they’re doing is they’re putting boutique hotel environment and where are people living there living in thermostat’s why they’re watching TV on there pat that’s where the reading a book that’s where they’re listening to music together because an interesting thing is happening in real estate because it’s interesting thing that’s happening amongst people-we are getting smaller and we are getting closer all these doomsayers.

say that these digital devices are making us antisocial it’s making us more social because it allows us to connect to more people more things more ideas than reverberation.

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