26The hearts-your day people aboard i you Brianna did so it only works if everything is working together so our economy needs to neon along the lines that were used to basically the one that should work is that the bank’s in Australia produced personable this paper money the other three persons is printed by the government through deficit spending so healthy economy is an economy.

where the bank sprint money and line it productively to businesses and businesses through entrepreneurship and innovation produce durable goods and all services which drives employment and that employment drives consumption and I consumption drums the demand now in Australia . percents bad economy is manufacture how banks in three-quarters of the bill and shes in consumption assets.www.adelaidepropertyvaluations.net.au

like I’m lines credit cards if you compare that to the nineteen nineties three-quarters the balance sheet was unproductive lines to business so this tells you that where r it’s just a question away if you look at China-china isn’t making things because they better at making things in what way up the currency is devalued because the government expresses the very part time Us Treasury bills and that has had the effect love sucking manufacturing away from the west into the ace and so have said about us working in factories.

with taking up new activities with we’ve got the RT boom we’re all doing service jobs running i would do those jobs so long as someone else is doing it only worked over in china making out things but ultimately that’s going to come to an end as well because when yous market a free market doing what the government to the world eventually comes to an end and Visual C++manufacturing come back because well festival look at Paco coming this as I’m so many decades that you can keep putting containers on ship sand bring them around the world.

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