The site has around three racetracks where various agencies put their people through high-speed pursuit and defensive vehicle training. It has at least ten indoor firing ranges, each of which has around a dozen lanes for shooting practice, as well as numerous external shooting ranges. It has countless courtrooms for putting agents through their paces in court room techniques; and it has an entire area dedicated to explosives training and bomb disposal. For obvious security reasons, the academy is located in the middle of nowhere and is subject to very tight security arrangements.

The theory behind the course, and other similar courses, is that they want arson cases to be both investigated and prosecuted by trained individuals. It runs in parallel with the second and final week of an advanced training programme for public service Fire Investigators which looks at cause and origin and court room techniques. To start with, both the lawyers and the Fire Investigators are shown various live burn demonstrations.

Essentially, these highlight burn patterns and the effect of accelerants and enable the participants to observe fire spread. After flash over, the fires are extinguished and immediately the fire scene is preserved so that pristine physical evidence can be witnessed. In the meantime, each Fire Investigation Officer is allocated one of ten burn cells, all of which have been fired a few days before their arrival. With no knowledge of the circumstances that led to the ignitions, each has to undertake their own cause and origin investigation. Each lawyer is then allocated to one of the cells and the Fire Investigation Officer has to walk his respective lawyer around the site and explain his preliminary findings and observations. Learn more: E Settlement Agents Perth

The lawyers can then question the Fire Investigation Officer’s initial views and suggest areas of further investigation to be undertaken away from the fire scene. On the fifth day of the course the two classes join up and each lawyer is presented with a forensic scientist report from his Fire Investigation Officer. This is presented as evidence in court and the lawyers take their own Fire Investigation Officer through his report under mock trial conditions.